Top 20 multi-stakeholder processes in 2020

For the first time in the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risks Report, the top 5 risks are all environmental: extreme weather events, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, major natural disasters, significant biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, and human-made environmental damage and disasters.

The risks are a reality, and we already see the impacts in many locations worldwide: from the fires that burned the Amazon Forest, Siberia and Australia, to the floods in Indonesia, and the more prolonged droughts and stronger flash floods in the Sahel.

Having the Earth’s future in our hands, it is our responsibility to gather knowledge and technology to build a #digitalecosystem for the planet.

In order to guide the political action which is required to counter the speed, scope and severity of the environmental and climate crises, we must gather expert knowledge and knowledge to deploy it effectively. Doing so can fundamentally change our economic trajectory and underpin a sustainable future.

Answering a call by the United Nations Environment Programme, 70 experts have jointly identified the 20 multi-stakeholder processes that will serve to steer the building of this digital ecosystem for the planet. The #UNWDF2020 has been selected as one of them. Read the article at