Information on the extraordinary situation regarding Road to Bern and the UNWDF

As you have probably noticed, some Road to Bern events have been postponed, carried out electronically or cancelled altogether. We expect that other planned events in April and May will be affected by the extraordinary situation.

Nevertheless, the planning for the various Road to Bern events, which will take place until the opening of the UN World Data Forum on 18 October, continues. If there are any changes to the events, we will provide information on each event as early as possible.

The planning for the UN World Data Forum is on schedule: The 521 sessions submitted are currently under review by the Programme Committee. The preliminary programme will be published in June. We are constantly monitoring the progress of this extraordinary situation and will analyse the situation with our local and international partners on an ongoing basis. Should there be any changes in the schedule of preparations, we will provide information on the UN World Data Forum website and on the Road to Bern website.