Information on the planning of the third UNWDF pertaining to the extraordinary situation

With regard to the extraordinary situation, the decision will be published in the first week of July as to whether to hold the conference physically at the end of the year or postpone it to 2021.

The publication of the programme of the next UNWDF and the opening of registrations is postponed to July, when the current uncertainties will be resolved.

The two most likely options are to hold the UNWDF from 18 to 21 October 2020, as planned, or to postpone it until  2021, with a  limited version of the programme in virtual form in October 2020.

In order to assist us with planning an alternative scenario where somevirtual discussions take place instead in October 2020 to keep the discussion ongoing to the physical organized UNWDF in 2021, we would ask all prospective Forum participants and session organizers to complete the following questionnaire of the United Nations Statistics Division to understand your general opinion, needs and expectations from a virtual format.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or Please also continue to follow updates through our Road to Bern social networks (FB: @road2bern; Twitter: @Road2Bern) and the UN twitter channel (@UNDataForum).