Events from June 2020

  • 26.06.2020, Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS)

SDS2020 brought together opinion leaders, practitioners, policy-makers and researchers with an interest in data science. The aim was to promote the exchange of ideas for innovative products and services, particularly for the Swiss market, and to support the community of data specialists.

Bertrand Loison, Vice Director of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, gave a presentation on “Data Science and Official Statistics: Myth or Reality?”

This event took place online. You can find more information at:

  • 29.06.2020, Science@Noon “Measuring progress towards achieving the SDGs – from indicators to new data sources.”

As part of the Science@Noon lecture series, Georges-Simon Ulrich, Director of the Federal Statistical Office, spoke about measuring progress towards achieving the SDGs:

Using the MONET indicator system, the Federal Statistical Office has been measuring Switzerland’s progress towards sustainable development since the early 2000s. It has been dedicated to measuring the SDGs since 2018. The indicators provide the basis for a fact-based political discourse. New data sources open up new possibilities for official statistics and also for measuring the SDGs.

This event took place online.  More information: