New date for the United Nations World Data Forum in Switzerland

In early July, we announced the postponement of the UN World Data Forum. The new date for the UNWDF has now been decided! The forum will be held from Sunday 3rd to Wednesday 6th October 2021 in Bern. Road to Bern will thus continue until the opening of UNWDF 2021, i.e. until 3rd October 2021. All the work undertaken as part of the Road to Bern to prepare the dialogues and the smooth running of the UNWDF will of course be preserved and resumed throughout this year and into 2021 until the new date of 3rd to 6th October 2021. After the success of the events that have taken place physically or virtually so far as part of the Road to Bern, we will have the opportunity to deal more extensively with the main themes (financing, gender, social responsibility and digitalisation) and to discuss other new themes for another year. Registrations for the UNWDF will open just before the summer of 2021. Further information, including on logistics, will be made available in due course on this website. Visit our website and social media regularly to keep up to date with all the latest information on UNWDF and Road to Bern.