SAGW bulletin: FSO article on geographical levels

Information from statistics and socio-economic or environmental analyses are necessary to understand how society is evolving and to recognise trends on the horizon. Such information is the backbone of any political decision, whether at local, regional, national or international level. By relating data and analyses to territory, phenomena can be described at different levels, thus revealing similarities or differences between the various parts. The analytical tools, which have all been revised in recent years, are provided by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

For many years, the FSO has published the perimeters of different analysis regions and several territorial typologies. The aim of this work is to characterise the Swiss territory, to make it easier to understand and to show its particularities and upcoming trends. Numerous statistics are produced at national, cantonal and communal level. Alongside these institutional levels, there is a range of other spatial divisions or typologies for which data are also available or for which analyses could be produced. Each of these classifications has the potential for analysis and visualisation for users from academia, the non-profit sector and public administrations.