2nd ASEAN Forum on SDGs with National Development Planning Agencies

The 2nd Forum will provide a platform for dialogue between the National Development Planning Agencies/Inter-Agency Coordinating Platforms in ASEAN Member States to take stock of SDGs implementation especially considering the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, against the backdrop of the Decade of Action, the 2nd Forum will discuss strategies to strengthen statistics and data to monitor the progress towards attaining the SDGs.

Specifically, the participants to the 2nd Forum will have the opportunity to exchange views on practical approaches and solutions that would enable SDG-related initiatives at the national level to stay back on-track amidst the pandemic. Also, the participants would discuss possible pathways to strengthen cooperation and coordination at the national and regional levels. Lastly, the forum will revisit priority areas of cooperation on moving forward with ASEAN’s agenda on the SDGs.