Special feature on data in latest issue of One World

What has been achieved so far in the fight against poverty? What progress has been made by countries in implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? How to act quickly and effectively in a crisis? With the 2030 Agenda, data collection and statistical calculations have gained in importance in the world of development cooperation. Reliable, high-quality data is essential for development. But not all countries have effective institutions capable of producing it.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019 highlights that most countries do not regularly collect data for more than half of the global indicators planned. In some countries, even the simplest indicators, such as population size or child mortality, are not collected regularly. Data gaps are significant, with some 18 low-income countries not having conducted a population census or survey between 2009 and 2018. The lack of data especially penalises the most vulnerable: a more refined analysis is needed to better represent them in official statistics. 

Read the special dossier online – it contains useful analysis and information on Switzerland’s contribution!

One World: special dossier on data