Events from November 2020

In November 2020, a unique event took place as part of the international Road to Bern programme.

23 November, Data 2025, online

The Data 2025 conference was jointly organised by the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration and the Centre for Digital Trust and the EPFL College of Management.

This final event of the year took place online lasting an entire day and was divided into 4 main sessions.

As the name of the conference suggests, Big Data 2025 was a chance to address current issues relating to data and also the opportunities and challenges that new technologies will present in 2025.

Today, data play a key role in many areas of life, the economy and society. But what exactly are we talking about here? This is an important question to which there is not just one answer, as there are various data which are rapidly changing. Thus, the panel first looked in more detail at what data precisely are, and in particular “big data”. Then, in light of the current situation, the role of data in the context of the current pandemic was discussed by a panel of EPFL professors. In the afternoon, the last two sessions were devoted to the issue of data governance. The governance of data in order to harness their benefits and limit their potential to cause damage cannot be left to governments alone. Users must be able to have their say with the help of civil society; new technologies can be designed to ensure privacy and data protection; businesses can contribute to confidence in data through processing data in an ethical way; and governments can simply play their part by defining policies and developing regulations.

To watch the full event please see: