From LAC to Bern

From LAC to Bern Webinar Series:

1) April 7th 11:30h (GMT-5); Title: The UNWDF and the Road to Bern Initiative in the LAC Region; Short Description: Launching the Road to Bern Initiative in the LAC Region during a High-Level Side event during the 20th meeting of ECLAC’s Executive Committee.

2)June 24, 2021 (9:00 am) (GMT-5); Title: The use of non-traditional data sources by NSOs in LAC region; Short Description: The analysis and use of data from non-traditional sources allows getting real time information about trends and predictions, as well as, behavioral patterns that contribute to a better decision making. However, credibility on data and partnerships must be generated between the actors involved. This webinar will discuss the state of the art in the use of non-traditional sources to produce indicators to address the 2030 Agenda in LAC, focusing on the real benefits of using these type of data sources, identification of main data gaps, capacity building and financial requirements

3)August 17, 2021 (9:00 am) (GMT-5); Title: SDG 17: Success cases of multi-stakeholder partnerships in LAC region; Short Description: Data Partnerships are essential efforts to address the existing data gaps, minimize duplications in data collection and analysis, setting data quality assurance frameworks, and in ensuring that the data collected is used in planning, decision making, evidence-based policymaking, development programing and practices. This webinar will allow for sharing of experiences on data partnerships from Latin America and the Caribbean, and present how data partnerships can contribute to close data gaps

4)September 23, 2021 (10:00 am) (GMT-5); Title: Data Journalism and Data Cooperation: Business cases to highlight the importance of data for decision making. ; Short Description: To discuss the role of data, from the data value chain perspective, as a mean of exposing and overcoming gender biases in the decision-making processes. The event will feature a conversation with stakeholders of the wider-data ecosystem which include journalists and NGO’s which currently implement development cooperation projects which have data at its core.

5) November 11, 2021 (12:00 am) (GMT-5) (TBC); Title: World Data Forum 2021: Wrap up; Short Description: Presentation, during ECLAC’s Statistical Conference of the Americas, the main conclusions, lessons learnt and outcomes of the Third World Data Forum.

The UNWDF and the Road to Bern Initiative in the LAC Region – Road to Bern