Let’s go! The SDGviz Award 2021 is on!

Can you rapidly get key messages from long databases and Excel files? Have you closed the file as soon as you opened it?

What if we changed that?

Create innovative data visualizations that catch the attention, spread a message and, why not, become the new bar chart that we all wish to forget about!

The SDGviz Award 2021 is open to students and young professionals from all over the world, who are ready to take the challenge of creating innovative data visualizations to illustrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You will have to create an A2-poster as well as a social media publication, for which you will receive templates as well as optional data sets.

Seems like a tough task? No worries, we have you covered with three free courses to get you going. And what’s in it for you? Two exhibitions, a social media campaign, monetary prize and so much more! So check our Award page for all the information you need and the link to registration!