On your way to the Tour de Suisse!

In addition to preparing the discussions for the United Nations World Data Forum, the Road to Bern aims to increase knowledge about the 2030 Agenda in Switzerland and show the added value of data for the Agenda’s implementation and for political decision making.

The Road to Bern will therefore make a few detours, among others to Fribourg, Geneva, Neuchâtel or Zurich! Accompanied by the sustainable development goals car, powered by natural gas of course, the team will come to you and try to help you win one of our little prizes! So come and join us to discuss, turn the SDG wheel or learn more about the role of data by visiting our little exhibition. Put your questions to our representatives from the federal administration, such as the Director General of the Federal Statistical Office or the Federal Council’s delegate for the 2030 Agenda, and find out how we are doing in Switzerland.

First date: Saturday 5 June from 2pm to 4pm at the Place Georges-Python in Fribourg. Jacques Ducrest, Federal Council delegate for the 2030 Agenda is looking forward to seeing you!