Events in July 2021

Four events took place in July 2021:

  • Tour de Suisse: Meeting up with Georges-Simon Ulrich in Zurich, 2 July

July’s first event took place as part of the national Road to Bern project.

During the Tour de Suisse, the Project Road to Bern team/UNWDF, continued its journey on Switzerland’s roads, taking up the conversation with the population on the 2030 Agenda and its 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). As a reminder, the Tour de Suisse started in Fribourg on 2 June with Jacques Ducrest. For this second stage, we parked our SDG car in Zurich, accompanied by FSO Director-General Georges-Simon Ulrich. Once again, the Swiss public turned up in Zurich and took part in discussions with the FSO Director-General and the project team whilst playing the SDG wheel and enjoying our ‘SDG juice and beers’. We look forward to continuing these discussions with you throughout the Tour de Suisse!

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  • Shaping resilient societies: can one succeed? 9 July

The second event was part of the international Road to Bern.

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Statistical Office, the University of Zurich and the University of Geneva organised this virtual event during the High-level Political Forum (HLPF).

This event was an occasion to address the current crisis and how to brace for future shocks through  transversal,cross-sectoral and cross-societal responses. Leading experts, such as Dr Sheila Aggarwal-Khan (Director, Economy Division, UN Environment Programme), Dr Volker Türk (Assistant Secretary General for Strategic Coordination in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General at the United Nations Headquarters in New York), and all of the other panellists present highlighted the rationale toward developing sustainable and resilient societies, arguing that this transformation can only take place if pending challenges are co-defined, response mechanisms co designed, recovery policies co-implemented and co-monitored by all stakeholders involved. They thus reflected on data ecosystems as a tool for evidence-based decision making, as well as on the compounding effects of the global dynamics of change, demographic shifts, urbanisation and growing inequalities. They also showed that in addition to measuring progress, data fosters accountability and that data and monitoring are necessary to ensure no one is left behind.

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  • Building back better through smart investments in development data, 15 July

The third event in July, this time from the international Road to Bern, took place in virtual format and also as part of the High-level Political Forum (HLPF).

This event was a further step in enabling us to exploit the full potential of data for sustainable development and a resilient recovery by exploring new needs, opportunities and innovations linked to smart data investments.

Francesca Perucci, (Assistant Director, United Nations Statistics Division) set the scene and considered the latest developments and efforts relating to the operationalisation of the Cape Town Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data (CTGAP), which was adopted in 2017 by the UN Statistical Commission and recognised by the UN General Assembly as a roadmap for international and national efforts to strengthen and invest in statistical systems.

Following this, a panel with Ola Awad (Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and Co-Chair of the High-level Group o Partnerships, Coordination and Capacity Building (HLG-PCC) and Samira Asma ((Assistant Director-General, Data Analytics and Delivery for Impact, World Health Organization) in particular, was able to provide several key elements:

  • A better understanding of the needs, opportunities and of the business case for funding data for the SDGs, with a particular focus on smarter investments in developing countries’ data systems, and thematic entry points such as gender equality and health;
  • An exclusive preview of the Bern Network’s Clearinghouse for Financing Development Data – a new online mechanism to support smarter data financing (, and
  • A discussion to generate recommendations for the way forward to better define the implementation of the CTGAP and pave the road to the UN World Data Forum co-hosted by Switzerland and UNSD in October 2021.

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  • Tour de Suisse: Meeting up with Petra Keller Guéguen in Lausanne, 28 July

And finally, the fourth and last event in July was also part of the national Road to Bern and the Tour de Suisse. At the beginning of July, the SDG car was parked in Zurich and at the very end of the month, in Lausanne.

In Lausanne, Petra Keller Guéguen (head of the FSO’s Staff Division), was present at the end of the afternoon to discuss, answer any questions and to exchange ideas on sustainable development and statistics.

Also attracted by a small exhibition on the SDGs and to learn more about them before tackling the SDG wheel, the people of Lausanne turned out in force and we thank them once again for their participation!

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