The Road to Bern Moscow Event

The event will explore the ways in which IT companies, the private sector and the general public can play a more proactive role in transforming the way modern statistics are created and used.In order for data to retain its relevance within the context of rapidly emerging crises, the speed with which it is generated needs to be drastically increased, while keeping quality in mind. In addition, there is evident need for an updated, contemporary skillset amongst statisticians. How does data science fit into the greater picture of traditional statistical knowledge? Do data, statistics and the ability to provide both in high quality currently meet the needs of statistical offices and business alike? And most importantly, where can an influx of new expertise, knowledge and fresh ideas take the discipline of statistics as a whole?
The event represents an important stage along the “Road to Bern”, a series of events across the globe leading up to the next edition of the United Nations World Data Forum (UNWDF), hosted by Switzerland from 3-6 October 2021 in Bern.

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