Events from August 2021

Three events took place in August, including the FSO’s much talked about open day (the first for 10 years!).

ODD 17: Examples of success cases of multi-stakeholder partnerships in the LAC region, 17 August 2021

In August 2021, the 3rd Dane and Cepei webinar on partnerships took place.

Data partnerships are an essential and efficient tool to address the existing data gaps,  minimise duplications in data collection and analysis, strengthen the use of data quality assurance frameworks, and ensure that the data collected are used in planning, decision making and policy making.

This webinar sought to establish a space for discussion allowing members from different sectors of the data community to share their experience of data partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean, by focusing on how data partnerships can contribute to bridging existing data gaps.

The event was structured along the lines of a panel discussion during which the panellists, including Claire Melamed (Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data), presented best practices and experiences, revealing the challenges and making some recommendations.

Combining data produced by private entities with official statistics: the gender statistics case, 25 August 2021

Organised by the Swiss Confederation (Road to Bern project / UNWDF, the FSO and the Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE), Facebook, UN Women and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), this event was held in virtual format only.

This event represented the starting point of a discussion between the different stakeholders that will continue at the online Global Forum on Gender Statistics as well as at the UNWDF, in September and October 2021.

The aim was to highlight the work done by the different producers, and importantly, to present the joint work done over the previous months (e.g., the project conducted in Africa; using FB data and official data by an NGO or university). 

The tempo of the event was set by several eagerly awaited contributions. First of all, Papa Seck (UN Women) and Anna Lerner (Facebook) led the introduction. Afterwards, during the discussion about concrete examples of combining official and private data, Kelli Rodgers (DEVEX), Ronald Jansen (UNSD), Melissa Psaud (Fraym) and Albina Chuwa (Tanzania, National Bureau of Statistics) were present. Lastly, Shaida Badiee (Open Data Watch) brought the event to a close with a summary and a global vision of the event.

All of the event’s presentations can be found on the following page

Open day at the FSO, 2021: Official statistics for sustainable development, 28 August 2021

For its open day, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) opened its doors to present the role of official statistics as part of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and its 17 goals for sustainable development (SDG).

The FSO’s employees presented their statistical work and and how this supports the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and evidence-based decision making.

Stands, guided visits of the buildings, exhibitions, music, food and games were also part of the day.

Around 950 curious visitors turned up throughout the day!

You can get an idea of the day thanks to the photographs on the following page: