Road to Bern

As host country of the third UNWDF, Switzerland has seized the opportunity to launch the Road to Bern. The “Road to Bern” concept was developed by the Federal Administration (Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the FDFA Sectoral Foreign Policy Division (ASA) and the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) in cooperation with other stakeholders. The concept describes the idea of the “Road to Bern” and how the UN World Data Forum can be supported by discussions. Within the framework of Road to Bern, the Confederation will participate in existing conferences organised by external partners, and organise its own events both at national and international level, to discuss the topics of the UNWDF.

In 2020 and 2021, the Road to Bern has two main goals:

• to support the exchange on topics that will be discussed at the UNWDF 2021;
• to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Switzerland.

The Confederation cannot be held responsible for the content of conferences and events organised by external partners as part of the Road to Bern.

More precisely, Road to Bern aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. To highlight the added value of official statistics for evidence-based policy-making and democratic debate;
  2. To promote and consolidate the dialogue between private and official data producers and data users;
  3. To highlight and reinforce the role of official statistics in monitoring the implementation of 2030 Agenda and public policies in Switzerland;
  4. To share and build expertise in measuring sustainable development both in Switzerland and also with other countries and all institutional, private and associative stakeholders;
  5. To raise awareness and prepare the producers and users of statistical data for the aims of the UNWDF.

Road to Bern aims to communicate five key messages:

  1. Leave no one behind: New data sources and official statistics should provide information for all social groups and all areas. Road to Bern paves the way in this direction;
  2. Accountability: Statistical information fuels democratic debate in an independent, coherent and transparent manner. Road to Bern supports the understanding and use of this information;
  3. Data: New data sources are abundant and provide a response to emerging problems. Official statistics provides reproducible, stable and collated data while respecting privacy. Road to Bern helps to bring these two worlds closer together;
  4. Communication: Communication about the 2030 Agenda is complex. Statistics facilitate communication and understanding of the Agenda. Road to Bern is committed to the promotion of storytelling and to the development of appropriate communication channels. It encourages the improvement of statistical literacy;
  5. Research and development: The 2030 Agenda includes many complex and interlinked challenges. Statistical information that is collected and prepared in a coherent manner contributes to a better understanding of these challenges. Road to Bern encourages R&D in the modelling of complex phenomena.


The Confederation has launched this website to promote all the events and keep up to date with the latest news. In addition, profiles on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been created.