8th Global Forum on Gender Statistics

General Information

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), in collaboration with the Swiss Confederation, is organizing the 8th Global Forum on Gender Statistics under the Global Gender Statistics Programme and the guidance of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS).

Aim of the event

This event will further the global dialogue of producers, users and communicators of gender statistics from national and international statistical offices, other government agencies, international organizations, academia, civil society, private sector and the donor community. The Forum will respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic and its long-lasting effects on gender equality and production of gender statistics, discussing ways to build forward better and improve data and evidence for gender policies, including in emerging and untapped areas.

Program and registration

To see the full program and to register: https://unstats.un.org/unsd/demographic-social/genderstat-forum-8/

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updates.

Other related events

The Forum marks the Gender Statistics Week together with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Expert Group on Gender Statistics, which will hold its meeting on 28-29 September 2021. These Road to Bern events are all leading up to the 3rd United Nations World Data Forum taking place on 3-6 October 2021 in Bern.

Event Details
  • Start Date
    30 September 2021 15:00
  • End Date
    1 October 2021 23:00
  • Status
  • Location
  • Organizer
  • Partners

    Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS), FSO, FOGE

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