Age-friendly environments: integrated living and social spaces as an opportunity for all!


Demographic changes call for adjustments in many areas of life. As set out in the WHO Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health (2015) one of the major challenges is the creation of age-friendly environments. Such environments meet the needs of all generations and promote health, independence and participation, contributing to a ‘functional quality of life’ (“being able to do what’s important to you”). If they have been designed in a participative process, age-friendly environments help to prevent age discrimination, encourage the social participation of old and vulnerable people as well as inter-generational relations and offer security to the whole population. This means that all areas of life and of politics are affected by this strategic WHO objective: for example public space (infrastructure and mobility), housing and the promotion of social and political participation. The conference aims to show the diversity of and possibilities for age-friendly environments in Switzerland. It also aims to encourage discussion between the various stakeholders and promote the dissemination of examples of best practice. The main aim is to demonstrate that health –  in terms of a functional quality of life, which takes account of functional  limitations and tries to compensate for them – is largely promoted outside of the health sector.

Priority will be given to the three following topics:

Types of housing and settings (incl. nursing and care)

Public space, buildings, transport and mobility
Social participation (of older people in society and of society in ‘caring communities’)

The target audience mainly includes public and private sector stakeholders committed to age-friendly environments: old people, professionals and public administration stakeholders at communal, municipal and cantonal level.  The following subjects are particularly relevant: Social work, nursing and care, infrastructure, mobility, spatial planning, architecture and the housing and real estate industry. Researchers into ageing are also part of the target audience.

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    31 December 2021 09:00
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    31 December 2021 17:00
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    Federal Office for Housing (FHO)
    Swiss Union of Cities (SSV)
    Association of Swiss Communes (ASC)
    Swiss Conference of the Cantonal Ministers of Public Health (CMPH)
    Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Social Affairs (CDSS)
    Federal Office for the Equality of People with Disabilities (FBED)
    Plateforme Interprofessionalité
    Swiss Competence Centre for Accident Prevention (BFU)
    Health Promotion Switzerland
    Innovage Schweiz
    Federal Statistical Office
    Federal Office of Public Health Network of Age-friendly Cities (Union of Cities)
    Age Stiftung
    ETH Wohnforum
    CURAVIVA Schweiz

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    French, German