Could worldwide social inequality be the downfall of sustainable development?

The figures prove it: over the last 40 years, the gains from economic growth have mainly flowed to the wealthiest segments of the population. At the same time, social inequalities have assumed dramatic proportions worldwide. Is this going to derail sustainable development? What does it mean for Switzerland and its development cooperation?

Hear facts and assessments on the issue with Christoph Bader and Sabin Bieri, CDE, and Thomas Gass, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).


  • 18:30 Door opening
  • 19:00 Welcome by Jacques Ducrest, Federal Council Delegate for Agenda 2030, Brigitte Roux, initiator and producer of the Rendez-vous Bundesplatz and Reto Nause, director for Security, Environment and Energy, Bern
  • 19:15 Input by Christoph Bader, researcher at CDE, University of Bern: Facts and figures on global income and wealth inequalities
  • 19:30 Sabin Bieri, Director of the CDE, discusses with Thomas Gass: Are social inequalities bringing down sustainable development? What does this mean for Switzerland and its development cooperation?
  • 20:00 Audience questions and discussion
  • 20:15 End

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