Data innovation in official statistics – “Road to Bern” webinar


The UN Global Working Group (GWG) on Big Data for Official Statistics is an intergovernmental body active under the UN Statistical Commission, consists of 30 countries and 16 international organizations and works with a much larger community of experts to prepare guidance on how to use Big Data, data science and advanced technologies to compile timelier and more relevant indicators.
The GWG will conduct a webinar jointly with the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) of Switzerland on the topic of data innovation in official statistics. FSO has taken the initiative to include data science into the portfolio of its work. This will be for the benefit not only of the federal statistical office but also of other government departments.
The GWG has just conducted a Hackathon in the use of AIS data on the UN Global Platform. AIS is real-time data which tracks the position of ships around the world, and the UN Global Platform is a cloud-based collaborative environment for the GWG community of statisticians and data scientists. During the Hackathon 17 teams used AIS data to develop new applications, which can help in the COVID-19 response or in Climate Action. The winner and runner-up of this contest will present their application during this webinar.

The program of webinar is as follows:
(10 min) Introduction to the work of the GWG –Dr. Ronald Jansen, Assistant Director, UN Statistics Division
(20 min) Overview of the Data Science Competence Center of FSO Switzerland, which will open on 1 January 2021. Presentation of the mission, the services and the activities of the new Center – Prof. Dr. Bertrand Loison, Vice Director, FSO Switzerland
(20 min) Question & Answer
(30 min) Winners of AIS Hackathon 2020, use of real-time vessel tracking data
– Blue Carbon team – Global Maritime Emissions Map
– Data Caliber group – “Just in Time” Green Corridors for Panama Canal and Suez Canal
(20 min) Question & Answer
(5 min)  Closing remarks

Dr. Ronald Jansen is Assistant Director of UN Statistics Division and Chief of UNSD’s Data innovation and Capacity Branch which leads the intergovernmental process for innovation of official statistics and implements the capacity development pillar of the Cape Town Global Action Plan in support of the 2030 Agenda. His educational background is in statistics and psychology. He graduated in 1984 from the University of Groningen, taught statistics from 1984 to 1989 at the University of Nijmegen, and in 1990 obtained his PhD in mathematical modelling of human information processing. Ronald joined UNSD in 1990.

Prof. Dr. Bertrand Loison, Vice Director at Federal Statistical Office & Professor of Information Systems at University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. He is Member of Executive Board, Vice Director and Head of Division Registers at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO), Vice-Chair of the National Planning Committee E-Government Switzerland, Chair of the UN World Data Forum 2020 Project Organization Committee (UNO), Swiss Representative to the UN Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics (UNO), Member of the Swiss Federal Administration Steering Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since September 2018, He is also an Honorary Professor of Information systems at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO), School of Management Arc, Institute for the Digitalization of Organisations (IDO). In addition, he is leading the SFSO “Data Science” Working Group that aims to implement Data Science processes and algorithms (machine learning and deep learning) into the current statistical production. He is especially interested in strategic and innovation management, digital leadership (i.e. people, organization, culture, and technology) and Data Science.

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