Data Literacy: experiences for evidence-based decision making


The purpose of this webinar is to share experiences from different kinds of actors to underline the relevance of data literacy strategies and data journalism in enabling evidence-based decisions, and to highlight the importance of generating robust strategies to promote the value of data as a public good.

In order to achieve this , the event will be organized as a panel discussion among relevant stakeholders of the data community. After initial statements of each one of the participants regarding their expeiriences that highlight the importance of using data to inform decision processes, the participating panelists will have a discussion on the following questions:
Why is it important to foster the use of data to inform decision-making for different stakeholders such as journalists, policymakers, and academics?
What are the main challenges we must face to promote inclusive evidence-based decisions among the public?

Besides traditional actors, such as NSO’s, the event will feature experiences from the development cooperation community, the academia, the civil society and journalists.

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