Forum ö 2020: And now what? Forging the future of Switzerland’s economy together!

2020 – a year like no other. The world has been shaken up and rearranged. Now what? Forging the future of Switzerland’s economy together! On 28 October, the Forum ö will once again open its doors on the Gurten.

The Forum ö is the annual meeting for the sustainable economy in Switzerland. Under this year’s motto “Now what? Forging the future of Switzerland’s economy together!”, on 28 October, forward and lateral thinkers from the economy, the world of science and the general public will discuss the opportunities and challenges of resilient, sustainable economic growth.
Topical and participative: subjects for discussion
Forum ö at the cutting edge New topics and enduring issues will be discussed in a variety of ways. To open the Forum, there will be two exciting introductory presentations on the subjects of “Climate change, biodiversity and zoonotic diseases” from Maja Göpel, Secretary General of the German Advisory Council on Global Change, and “2030 Agenda & COVID-19: What can we learn from this year?” from Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, president of the board of directors of the Berner Kantonalbank, together with Daniel Dubas, Federal Council Delegate for the 2030 Agenda.
Things will then become participative: In our ‘forge for the future’, we will get to work with our partner enterprises and come up with solutions in six parallel breakout sessions. Participants will have the difficulty of choosing between:
1. International climate change and the resilience of value chains
(in cooperation with: FOEN and Infras)
2. New cooperative buying – focus on the circular economy and textiles
(in cooperation with: Shift Switzerland, Pusch, swisscleantech, wickedprojects)
3. Company transformation & change in values
(in cooperation with: Swiss Post, BEKB and Musterbruch and SHORT CUTS)
4. Common added values of the 2030 Agenda for economy and society
(in cooperation with: Swisscom and ARE)
5. Implementation of the sustainable development goals
(in cooperation with: Energie 360°, IWB and
6. Sustainable professional education and training
(in cooperation with: éducation 21, supported by the 2291 Generationenteam)
The Forum’s culmination: In conversation with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, former Co-president of the Club of Rome, and Annabelle Ehmann, climate strike movement Switzerland.

Join us for drinks and a chance to network at the end of the day, with views over the City of Bern.

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