Julie Gwendolin Zähringer: Land use and species loss


Planet Hope
Series of events in the “Rendez-vous Bundesplatz” in Polit Forum Bern in the Käfigturm

In addition to the light show on Parliament Square on the topic of sustainability, the Polit Forum Bern is organising a series of talks with leading sustainability research experts, and invites the audience to learn more about three individual topics: Climate change, agriculture and food security, and the loss of species.

Julie Gwendolin Zähringer: Land use and species loss
Numerous studies show that the loss of biodiversity can interfere with the functioning of ecosystems and have a negative impact on human well-being. Species are dying out throughout the world because humans have diminished their habitat through agricultural, urban growth and other activities. How can we implement the protection of these species and ecosystems so that it is not only environmentally- friendly but also socially and economically sustainable?

With: Dr. Julie Gwendoly Zähringer, Researcher and post-doc at the Centre for Development and Environment CDE in the Land Resources Research Cluster of the University of Bern.

Information on the other events: https://www.polit-forum-bern.ch/veranstaltungsreihe/planet-hope

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