Making innovation, funding and governance work for development data in the ‘Decade of Action’

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires more and better data than is available today. Development data are necessary to set targets, measure progress and implement development goals so that everyone, everywhere, can benefit from a better future. The current data gaps we face are significant – no data are available for about two-thirds of the total SDG indicators, stalling progress. These gaps are most severe in the poorest and most fragile countries, where governments lack the resources to build strong statistical systems. Without up-to-date and reliable data, many vulnerable groups and critical policy issues risk going unnoticed or unaddressed, making the realisation of Agenda 2030 a challenge. At the dawn of the ‘decade of action’, more attention is being given to the essential role of data for effective development, as seen in the OECD’s 2017 Development Co-operation Report, the World Bank’s upcoming World Development Report on data, and the launch of international initiatives like the Bern Network on Financing Data for Development in 2019. As we move towards the 3rd UN World Data Forum 2020 in Bern, Switzerland, we have the opportunity to do even more. This breakfast meeting will explore what it means, and what can be done, to get to more and better development data for the SDGs by looking at: – Evolutions in the data ecosystem spurred by technology and innovation;
– New capacity development needs for national statistical systems;
– Need to improve resourcing of data and statistics by increasing both the quantity and quality of existing funding, with examples of recent developments; and
– Importance of establishing robust data governance to foster trust as we move to more data.

This is an open event but registration is mandatory. To RSVP, please e-mail Jurei Yada ( and copy in Audrey Poupon ( by 25 February.

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