Measuring progress towards the SDGs – from the indicators to new data sources

Measuring progress towards the SDGs – from the indicators to new data sources

As part of the `’Science after noon’ lecture series, Georges-Simon Ulricht, Director-General of the Federal Statistical Office speaks about measuring progress towards the SDGs.

The Federal Statistical Office has been using the MONET indicator system to measure Switzerland’s progress towards sustainable development since the early 2000s. Over the years, this system has been revised and developed several times. Since 2018 it has been used exclusively for measuring the SDGs. The indicators provide a basis for a fact-based political dialogue. They are at the top of the information pyramid and are based on the underlying data as well as on the national and environmental accounts compiled by official statistics. ‘New data sources’ provide new opportunities for official statistics and also for the measurement of the SDGs. These new data sources add another level to the pyramid, completing or even replacing the traditional basic data. They could also be used to complement or further develop the deductively constructed indicator system with an inductive approach.

Sharing knowledge, meeting interesting people and experiencing intersections: In the “Science after noon” series, stakeholders from the Swiss academies of arts and sciences network regularly discuss scientific and scientific policy topics, exchanging insights into ongoing and completed projects.

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