Science Café Thun: the power of numbers

Here is your second chance to participate to the Science Café, following the first edition in Bern. Listen to the Director General of the FSO’s short introduction.

Don’t trust any statistics which you haven’t made up yourself! – What is behind this saying? Where can statistical data be found? Who can collect and use data? How political are data collection and presentation methods? How do big data differ from statistics? What are the opportunities and risks of big data? How can data trade be controlled in the digital world?

Discussion with the public:
Marina Bräm, Head of Design, Digital Payment Media, Tamedia AG
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl, Co-head of the Institute of Digital Enabling, Bern University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Georges-Simon Ulrich, Director of the Federal Statistical Office in Neuchâtel and Professor of Strategic Management and Research Methods, University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich

Presentor: Toni Koller, journalist

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