SEVAL congress 2020: ‘Participation in Evaluation: Illusion or Necessity?’

This congress is organised by the Groupe roman d’evaluations (GREVAL) a SEVAL
working group established in 2015.
The GREVAL attaches great importance to the term ‘participation’, which it interprets as the inclusion of interested parties in at least one phase of the evaluation process.  In organising this congress, the GREVAL wishes to bring about deeper reflection in Switzerland, thus helping to build bridges between evaluation and civil society.
Monitoring differs from evaluation in that it collects data and provides long-term information on the status of a particular system. It provides a tool for global policy steering without aiming to comment on the effectiveness of individual decisions. However, participation also plays a big part in monitoring, as for example in monitoring of sustainable development or the Federal Council’s legislative objectives. These two indicator-based monitoring systems rely on a participative approach: Key players from the worlds of science and public administration are involved at the development stage as well as in ongoing activities.
The approaches adopted by these two monitoring systems will be presented at the SEVAL congress.
SDG 16 (Peace, justice and strong institutions) calls for the promotion of inclusive societies. Participative procedures in the construction and operation of monitoring systems take this demand into account.

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