Space for Sustainable Development – Today and Tomorrow


Space technologies and satellite data are powerful tools to support the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, the increased number of objects in Earth orbit sets challenges to the sustainability of space activities and the future use of outer space.

Description of the event
This event will offer a moderated discussion among top players of the Swiss-based space sector bringing different perspectives, such as research&innovation, industry, governance and diplomacy. As influential actors in Switzerland and abroad, the panelists will showcase the potential of space technologies in support of sustainable development on Earth. They will also address the challenges encountered in promoting the development of space activities while ensuring that space remains usable in the future. The event will close with a moderated discussion with the audience.

Protection plan: In view of the current health situation, a protection plan has been developed according to the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. Participation in the events is limited to 60 people in the Bernese Cantonal Bank and 100 people in the Bellevue Palace. Registration for the events is compulsory and enables contact details to be collected. The latter will be provided to the authorities if tracing is required. They will be deleted 14 days after the event. In addition, disinfectant gels will be made available at the entrance to the events, a distance between seats will be maintained and masks must be worn (except for panelists).

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