Sustainable Development Forum

The event is posponed to 18 May 2021 due to extraordinary situation.

The annual meeting of the forum will offer an insight into the latest developments in Switzerland and abroad, stimulus for new projects and a network for an exchange of methods that have been tried and tested nationally. The event includes talks, lectures, round tables, reflections and co-creation labs.

The final programme and registration form will be available from the Forum website at as of March 2020. To directly receive mailshots from the forum and conference, please register here. E-mail:

The forum is a national network that supports key stakeholders from the communes, cities, cantons, regions and Confederation in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Its partners include the Swiss Conference of Directors of Public Works, Planning and Environmental Protection (DPPE), the Swiss Union of Cities (SUC) and the Association of Swiss Communes (ASC).

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