The UNWDF and the Road to Bern Initiative in the LAC Region


General Information: The UN World Data Forum on Sustainable Development Data is the suitable platform for establishing interdisciplinary dialogues among stakeholders of the International Data comunity, including NSO’s, CSO’s, geospatial information managers, data scientists amd intergovernmental organizations among others.
Within the pandemic, the value of data  produced by National Statistical Offices  has been highlighted  in order to inform decision makers in the  “emergency” and “recovery” phases, seeking to support  the most vulnerable based on timely, comprehensive, accurate and disaggregated data and lave no one behind. Considering the heterogeneous nature of the impact of the pandemic among different countries, NSO’s as well as other stakeholders have identified the importance of strengthening  multilateralism by acting through existing  institutions to exchange best practices and seek guidance on how to address this complex situation. 

Aim of the event: This event, co-organized by DANE and CEPEI in collaboration with the Swiss government, will seek to engage with stakeholders in the region to encourage the participation on the UN World Data Forum 

Agenda: Given the relevance of having a high level engagement of the LAC region in the forthcoming UNWDF, the event will  be organized in three main sections. The first section will focus on the insights and recent development regarding the SDG monitoring with an intervention from ECLAC; Afterwards,  introductory presentations regarding the UNWDF and the Road to Bern initiative will be shared by  United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD) and the Federal Office of Statistics (FSO). Before going into a panel session to discuss two main questions (Why is it important to have a wider engagement from the LAC region in the WDF?,  and ¿What can the region contribute to the WDF discussions?) the Directors of DANE and CEPEI will present the “From LAC to Bern” webinar series.

Introductory remarks: Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Alicia Barcena (TBC)
The speakers include

  • Juan Daniel Oviedo, Director General of DANE – Colombia.
  • Francesca Perucci, Deputy Director, UNSD.
  • Georges Simon Ulrich, Director, Federal Statistical Office (Switzerland).
  • Philipp Schönrock, Director, CEPEI.
  • Rolando Ocampo, Director, Statistics Division, ECLAC.


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