Theresa Tribaldos: Food systems


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Series of events in the “Rendez-vous Bundesplatz” in Polit Forum Bern in the Käfigturm

In addition to the light show on Parliament Square on the topic of sustainability, the Polit-Forum Bern is organising a series of talks with leading sustainability research experts, and invites the audience to learn more about three individual topics: Climate change, agriculture and food security, and the loss of species.

Theresa Tribaldos: Food systems
Food systems have diverse consequences on people and the environment. What impact do intensified industrialisation and globalisation have on different food systems? And what role do sustainability and fairness have to play? These questions will be examined on the basis of the Swiss food system and its links to soya production in Brazil.

With: Theresa Tribaldos, Researcher at the Centre for Development and Environment CDE in the Sustainable Governance Research Cluster of the University of Bern.

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