Rendez-vous Bundesplatz 2020

Rendez-vous Bundesplatz

Rendez-vous Bundesplatz is a light show that takes place every year over a period of five weeks. As the name suggests, the show is held on the Bundesplatz in Bern and welcomes thousands of curious people.

This year, with the central theme of the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainability Development Goals, the Bundesplatz will be transformed into a giant screen for the tenth consecutive year. The Rendez-vous Bundesplatz is a sound and light show lasting around half an hour and is shown several times a day. This year, the show transforms the Bundesplatz into “Planet Hope”, a ship that sets sail around the world like Noah’s Ark. By sailing from continent to continent in this way, Planet Hope breaks down (political) borders. The boat will encounter tumultuous waves, melting icebergs, plastic rubbish and a humpback whale before returning to its home port in Bern. Admission is free of charge.


Rendez-vous Bundesplatz – Evénements parallèles

A series of events will be organised over a five-week period as part of the light show “Rendez-vous Bundesplatz – Planet Hope”. Meet experts from different fields on various topics within the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Due to the decision by the government council of the Canton of Bern on 23 October not to allow events with more than 15 people to take place, all side events have been suspended for the time being. The organisers of the light show are in discussion with the City of Bern with a view to re-staging the show at a later date. It is planned to stage the 11 remaining side events as part of the Road to Bern at this time.  

1.Round table discussions on the 2030 Agenda topics at the BCBE and Bellevue Palace

We invite you all to share a moment with our experts for an open dialogue on various sustainability topics.



21.10.2020 Bringen die weltweit sozialen Ungleichheiten die nachhaltige Entwicklung zu Fall?

The Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of the University of Bern invites you to reflect on the sustainability of the fight against poverty and on the paths leading to it.

22.10.2020 Ist die Schweiz ein Entwicklungsland?

Is Switzerland a developing country when it comes to sustainability? Come and discuss this subject with Platform Agenda 2030.

28.10.2020 Weg vom Plastik – Ansätze und Lösungen 

In Switzerland, 14,000 tonnes of plastic end up in the soil, air and water every year. What solutions can be found to this growing challenge? Oceancare invites you to reflect.

29.10.2020 Wie trägt die Internationale Zusammenarbeit der Schweiz zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung bei?

Alliance Sud invites experts from the Federal Administration, civil society and science to discuss the role of Swiss international cooperation in sustainable development and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.


4.11.2020 Daten als Rohstoff für einen modernen Staat

What role can the state play to ensure that data can make a direct contribution, particularly in the context of sustainable development, without placing an unnecessary burden on the population and businesses? The Swiss Federal Statistical Office is looking into this question.

6.11.2020 Was trägt die Schweizer Wirtschaft zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung bei?

16.11.2020 Nachhaltigkeitsziele – was können wir zu deren Erreichung beitragen?

What role can we have as individuals? SDSN Switzerland presents how everyone can contribute to the 2030 Agenda.

17.11.2020 Space for Sustainable Development – Today and Tomorrow

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs invites you to discover the potential of space technologies for sustainable development on Earth and in space!

18.11.2020 La violence à l’égard des femmes et des filles : la mesurer pour y mettre un terme

Statistics and indicators are crucial to ending violence against women. The Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality is initiating the discussion in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

19.11.2020 Sustainability: The Future of Business?

As expectations of corporate responsibility increase and transparency becomes more widespread, companies are recognising the need to act in favour of sustainable development. A discussion led by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

Protection plan: In view of the current health situation, a protection plan has been developed according to the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. Participation in the events is limited to 60 people in the Bernese Cantonal Bank and 100 people in the Bellevue Palace. Registration for the events is compulsory and enables contact details to be collected. The latter will be provided to the authorities if tracing is required. They will be deleted 14 days after the event. In addition, disinfectant gels will be made available at the entrance to the events, a distance between seats will be maintained and masks must be worn (except for panelists).

Please register at this link:


2. Series of lectures on Agenda 2030 topics in the “Käfigturm” Policy Forum

Participate in the events in the “Käfigturm” for enriching discussions on Sustainable Development Objectives.



22.10.2020 Thomas Stocker: Klimakrise, eine existenzielle Bedrohung?

The University of Bern will highlight current environmental problems and the ever-increasing challenges they pose to the economy and society.


3.11.2020 Theresa Tribaldos: Ernährungssysteme

Increased industrialisation and globalisation are affecting food systems, sustainability and justice. The University of Bern will illustrate this theme with the Swiss food system and its links to soybean production in Brazil.

13.11.2020 Julie Gwendolin Zähringer: Landnutzung und Artenschwund

How can we design the protection of species and ecosystems in such a way that it becomes not only ecologically, but also socially and economically sustainable? A question posed by the University of Bern.

Please register on or by telephone on 031 310 20 60.


3.Wheel of luck

Road to Bern, Agenda 2030 and the FDFA will present themselves at the “Rendez-vous Bundesplatz” with a Wheel of Fortune in downtown Bern. The simple question-and-answer game will be used to raise awareness on the 17 Sustainability Development Goals. In order to attract passers-by, it works with simple rules and estimation questions, which can be answered or at least guessed even without prior knowledge. And of course there is something to be won: sustainable prizes with information about Switzerland’s commitment.

Where? Schauplatzgasse, Wed – Sat from 6.30 p.m.


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