SDG World Tour

As the pandemic is forcing us to rethink our ways of life (and our holidays!), we have decided to take you on a world tour to discover the sustainable development goals (SDGs). What’s happening with the SDGs in Switzerland, Thailand, Colombia or Mali?

We asked 17 Road to Bern partners to tell us how they are working on a particular SDG, what their relationship is with data and how the United Nations World Data Forum (UNWDF) could help them. They answered us by video with the help of our famous SDG cubes! So come and discover the world of the SDGs in the four corners of the globe and enjoy your journey through their beautiful pictures.

Videos of the 17 SDGs


Start today on the #SDGWorldTour with @gulrich68 Director General of @swissstatistics! Our partners from the four corners of the earth will show you how they are working on the #SDGs, the role of data and the help the #UNWDF can bring. Let’s go!


SDG 1:
No poverty

The #SDGWorldTour is taking us to Washington, D.C. today, in the hands of the @WorldBank, who talks about #SDG1: No Poverty. What are the challenges in measuring poverty? The answer in pictures! #WeLoveTheSDGs @worldbankdata


SDG 2:
Zero hunger

In line with SDG2 #ZeroHunger in #Mali, Switzerland is working in a humanitarian and development nexus to prevent and manage crises in food and nutrition and to strengthen the livelihoods of vulnerable populations @DDCMali #SDGWorldTour


SDG 3:
Good health and well-being

The #SDGWorldTour continues with @WHO in Geneva. #COVID19 has highlighted the importance of timely, reliable & actionable data to monitor #SDG3. How can we accelerate progress? @DrSamira_Asma reflects. @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHOWPRO #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 4:
Quality education

Here we are in Bern CH for the #SDGWorldTour in the company of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO @UNESCO_ch. Data are key to political decision making, especially for public goods such as education #SDG4. #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 5:
Gender equality

Today we’re taking you to New York US for the #SDGWorldTour. @regner_asa, assistant secretary-general of @UNWomen, reminds us that #SDG5, gender equality, is a driver of sustainable development in all aspects. #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 6:
Clean water and sanitation

We’re heading to Bogotá in Colombia to continue the #SDGWorldTour! @jdoviedoa, Director of the National Statistics Office @DANE_Colombia, tells us about the challenges and progress around #SDG6: Clean water and sanitation #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 7:
Affordable and clean energy

@EU_Eurostat welcomes us to Luxembourg LX for the next stop in the #SDGWorldTour. @MarianaKotzeva and her colleagues highlight the need for data to measure progress in #SDG7 towards a climate-neutral continent. #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 8:
Decent work and economic growth

The #SDGWorldTour takes us today to Tirana, Albania, where we meet Elsa Dhuli, Director General of the Institute of Statistics @instituti_statistikave. Let’s see how #statistics can support sustainable regional, national and local economic development #SDG8. #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 9:
Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Welcome to Moscow, Russia RU, where we meet @SwitzerlandRU to discuss #SDG9: Industry, Infrastructure and Innovation. Switzerland CH and Russia RU have cooperated in the area of science and technology since 2008. #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 10:
Reduced inequalities

Paul Schreyer, Director and Chief Statistician of @OECD_Stat welcomes us to Paris, France FR for the #SDGWorldTour. Data on the #SDG10, reduced inequalities, are relatively well developed in OECD countries but there are still some gaps. #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 11:
Sustainable cities and communities

We’re heading to Warsaw, Poland PL, for the next stage of the #SDGWorldTour! @SwissPoland speaks to us about its commitment to the#ODD11, sustainable cities and communities. Urban mobility, sustainable buildings but especially sustainable technologies are central to this work!


SDG 12:
Responsible consumption and production

Today we are meeting @EOZurich in Zurich, Switzerland CH, as part of the #SDGWorldTour. The private sector plays a crucial role in #SDG12, responsible consumption and production, and will be present at the #UNWorldDataForum this autumn in Bern CH. #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 13:
Climate action

The #SDGWorldTour stops in the State of Palestine, with @Olashakhshir, president of @PCBSPalestine. Policy makers need reliable and timely data to make crucial adaptation and mitigation decisions to combat the effects of #ClimateChange. #SDG13 #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 14:
Life below water

We are now in Bangkok, Thailand TL, for the #SDGWorldTour with @GemmaVanH2, director of @UNESCAP Statistics Division. Oceans are a key resource for people in the region but only two indicators of #SDG14, Life below water, have sufficient data to measure progress. #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 15:
Life on land

@CorliPretorius, deputy director of @unepwcmc, takes the #SDGWorldTour to Cambridge, UK UK for #SDG15. Environment is the foundation of economies and society. The #UNWorldDataForum will reunite data and actors from the 3 areas @UNEP #ForNature #WeCanMakeChange #WeLoveTheSDGs


SDG 16:
Peace, justice and strong institutions

The #SDGWorldTour takes us to New-York US to meet @SwissAmbUN_NY. #SDG16, just, peaceful and inclusive societies requires reliable statistics. This is an urgent and priority task. #SeeYouSoonForSustainableDevelopment #WeLoveTheSDGs @swiss_un


SDG 17:
Partnerships for the goals

On our last #SDGWorldTour stop in Paris, France FR; @Jo_Jutting, executive head of @contactParis21, reminds us that more and better data requires #partnerships between the statistical community, private sector, civil society, academia to measure the #SDGs. #SDG17 #WeLoveTheSDGs



The #SDGWorldTour is over, but don’t worry, we’ll meet again on 3 October at the @UNDataForum! Join the discussions in Bern CH or online to support the implementation of the #Agenda2030 with high quality data.
#Data4SDGs @swissstatistics @UNWomen