SDGviz Award 2021

Winning Posters

Let your creativity run wild and create a new SDG data visualization! Besides fame and glory, great prizes are awaiting you. Let’s make the world a little bit better and promote the Sustainable Development Goals!

How come?

Switzerland is the host of the 3rd United Nations World Data Forum (UNWDF) that will take place in its beautiful capital city Bern. Data is an important component of accountability as without data, we can’t neither assess our situation nor measure progress on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To prepare the UNWDF, Switzerland launched the Road to Bern project, which includes events with experts, the general public, social media campaigns and competitions such as this one!  So take your chance and join us on the Road to Bern!


Data supports accountability but is it attractive? Can you rapidly get the key messages from those long databases and Excel files? Have you closed the file as soon as you opened it?

What if we changed that?

Create innovative data visualizations that catch the attention, spread a message and, why not, become the new bar chart that we’ve been waiting our whole life!

The best products will then allow starting a discussion about data, accountability and sustainable development with experts and the grand public through two exhibitions and a social media campaign.

Want to be part of it? Check the following section and get started!


Are you a student or a young professional[1] in the field of design, data visualization, art or sustainable development? Then this challenge is for you! Individually or with a group of friends, you’re more than welcome to join us by registering here to start your journey.


An A2-sized poster and its social media version.

  1. A bit more information maybe?

Choose one of the seventeen SDG to illustrate on your poster. Not familiar with the SDGs or indecisive? No problem! Turn our SDGs wheel and let chance choose for you!

Topic is now set, we can focus on data. You can either use the ready-made data table that we will share with you upon registration or wander through the multiple SDG databases on the web to find the perfect data you want to work with!

You will also receive two templates (InDesign and Illustrator), for the poster and the social media publication, in which you will have to present your work, which, for the lucky ones, will be exhibited at two main events in Switzerland. The use of the templates is mandatory. You will receive them upon registration, so hurry up!

  1. Waaah seems like a tough task…

No need to worry! Whether the SDGs, datasets or innovative visualizations are unknown territory to you, we’ve got you covered. We have prepared three optional (and free!) courses in English to give you all the necessary tools to overcome this challenge. We propose two dates for each course but only one slot will be selected depending on the number of registrations (click here to register to the award!):

  1. Welcome to the 2030 Agenda and its mesmerizing data: Learn everything you need to know on the 2030 Agenda and how to find interesting data on the SDGs. This course is given by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office on June 3rd or 8th ;
  2. Data Analysis with SDGs for Designers: How to understand data and use it to communicate. This course is given by Superdot Studio on June 9th or 17th ;
  3. How to find new diagram types and creative stories: Become creative and find out how to never use Excel charts again. This course is given by Superdot Studio on June 23rd or 24th.

Isn’t it exciting participating in an award AND getting free courses to develop your skills?

  1. Crossing the line

Following the courses, you’ll know everything you need to know and have become master in the art of visualizing sustainable development data! You will now have to create your poster and social media publication in the templates that were provided. And one last thing…

Send it to before August 1, 2021. Congratulations, you’re done!

  1. The Sentence

Once your job is done, it’s the jury’s turn to roll up their sleeves and find the treasures through all the submissions. The following masterminds will undertake this difficult task:

  • Alexis Georgacopoulos,
    Director Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL)
  • Thomas Schulz,
    Head of Dissemination and Publications, Swiss Federal Statistical Office
  • Helen Muggli,
    Design specialist, Pro Helvetia
  • Manuela Pfrunder,
    Founder and Director Gestaltung Manuela Pfrunder
  • Jacques Ducrest,
    Swiss Federal Council Delegate for the 2030 Agenda
  • Marie-José Kolly,
    Data Journalist, Republik Magazin
  • Darjan Hil/Nicole Lachenmeier,
    Superdot Studio

Each work will be graded according to the following criteria, take into account while working on your posters!

  • 40% innovativeness of the data visualization;
  • 15% overall impression and attractiveness;
  • 10% combination of data dimensions, risk factor;
  • 10% comprehensible country selection;
  • 10% context description and title;
  • 10% legibility and story;
  • 5% clear legend.
  1. Big challenge, big reward!

Finally, we’re getting to the point! What’s in it for you?!

  • CHF 2’000 for the winner
  • CHF 1’000 for the second prize
  • CHF 500 for the third prize

But so much more! The first three winners will in addition enjoy the following prizes:

  • (Virtual) coffee mit Stefan Schweinfest, Director of the United Nations Statistics Division
  • (Virtual) coffee with Jacques Ducrest, Delegate of the Swiss Federal Council to the 2030 Agenda
  • Entry to the UN World Data Forum 2021[2]

And more! The 10 best ranked will gain plenty of visibility by having their work presented:

Still not done! The 20 best ranked will also have their share of the cake:

  • Exhibition at the Swiss Federal Office’s Open House with a special public prize!

Oh, and last but not least…

  1. Let’s start the race!

May 12 Award Launch
June 3 or 8 Optional course: “Welcome to the 2030 Agenda and its mesmerizing data”, Swiss Federal Statistical Office
June 9 or 17 Optional course: “Data Analysis with SDGs for Designers”, Superdot
June 23 or 24 Optional course: “How to find new diagram types and creative stories”, Superdot
August 1 Deadline for submissions (via
date tbc Exhibition at the Swiss Federal Office’s Open House
23rd Sept-2nd Oct Social Media countdown to the UNWDF with the 10 best submissions
3rd-6th October Exhibition at the UN World Data Forum 2021 in Bern, Switzerland

Still not convinced?

So here’s a quick recap to get you on board!

  • Increase your skills with 3 free courses;
  • Have your work reviewed by a renowned jury;
  • Do just what you want with your monetary prize!
  • Present your work to professional designers;
  • Be part of two exhibitions and a social media campaign reaching 35’000 people!
  • Participate in an UN conference;
  • Widen your network!

[1] People who have concluded their studies (Bachelor, Master or Certificate of Advanced Studies, according to the Swiss system) up to three years ago. Participants selected for the prizes will have to submit their study certificates.

[2] Travel and accommodation costs are not covered. Entry is valid for maximum two people within a group.

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